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        Shanghai HuanHang International Logistics Co., Ltd. is an enterprise approved by the State Administration of Industry and Commerce (State Administration of Industry and Commerce), a comprehensive cargo transport service provider. The company specializes in international air transport, domestic air transport, International Maritime transport, international express, automobile transport, railway transport as one of the integrated logistics supply chain service providers. Mainly undertakes international air and domestic air cargo transport business, international major ports, sea container transport, sea container transport (shipping services), global international air express express service, Eurasian and Central European international railway transport, domestic major cities, automobile roundtrip special line logistics. Focus on providing customers with professional, personalized, global logistics services of modern enterprises.The company's professional team management, pragmatic and innovative spirit, strategic development decisions. Build an international, informational, intensive and systematic intelligent logistics service operation platform. In order to meet the market demand for individualized transportation, provide the best logistics solutions, all-round integration of logistics service providers.
        The company's market-oriented operation mode, improve its core competitiveness, establish good cooperative relations with many market players, integrate superior resources and optimize its core competitive advantages. Using electronic information logistics management, integrating modern network operation platform, building a scientific integrated modern logistics service.
        The company integrates global superior resources intensively, builds modern intelligent logistics, serves integrated supply chain logistics service providers in domestic and international logistics markets, integrates global superior resources according to the diversified development of the market, provides personalized logistics services for international and domestic markets, meets the global logistics market demand, and covers the three integrated logistics of domestic and foreign markets: sea transportation, land transportation and air transportation. All-round service.

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